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Agadir City Tour


  • Visit the Kasbah Oufella, the historical fortress of Agadir built by the Portuguese colony.
  • Enjoy the amazing sea view from the top of the mountain.
  • visit the exterior of the masjid Mohammed 5.
  • Explore the Moroccan architecture and the sculptures on the walls and the doors.
  • visit the factory of argan oil, witness the making of the famous golden oil and get the informations about the use and the benefits of the oil.
  • Free time in the souk market to discover the local market and explore the Moroccan shopping culture.

Agadir City Tour

Agadir City Tour, will give you the opportunity to visit the main attractions of the city, and the historical sites in a guided 3 hour tour.

These are the highlights and the main visits during the city tour:

Kasbah Oufella:

is a historical landmark in Agadir that housed the old city of Agadir.

much of which was affected by the earthquake that struck the city.

The fort is located on the top of a mountain rising 236 meters above sea level, in the north of the town of Agadir near the current port.

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