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BBQ Camel Ride in Agadir


Have an authentic Moroccan experience on camel ride tour followed by a delicious menu (Moroccan Salad & Chicken Barbecue).
Escape the city and make a unique journey through Agadir’s Souss rive, dunes and forest on the traditional Berber transportation mode of travel.
Our camels are friendly, and the tour guides will make sure to capture your memories on camera or you! Our team will prepare you a meal – you can select from a traditional BBQ or a vegetarian meal. Make the most out of your time in Morocco with this authentic once-in-a-lifetime experience!
BBQ camel ride in Agadir is one of the best and affordable things to try while visiting Agadir.

Enjoy the Camel ride around the ranch and along the Souss river, where you will admire the amazing views.
Make a unique journey through Agadir’s Souss river and eucalyptus forest on camel back.
Feel the sway of these gentle animals, accompanied by an experienced guide, as you venture through the Souss river and along the royal palace.
Enjoy a nice sunset camel ride along the Souss river.
Each adult can ride a camel with a kid.

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