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Buggy in Agadir From Taghazoute


  • Beach buggy in Taghazoute Experience is a daily activity with two shifts morning and afternoon.
  • we will take you to experience an amazing activity full of adrenaline in a forest full of eucalyptus trees and sand dunes.
  • the buggy is similar to off road race cars with seat belts.
  • so it can be shared between two people, and its safer for adults with children.
  • The program starts by picking you up from the reception of your hotel by our transport (minibus or 4*4) that is included.
  • Then drive for 20 mins to the garage to start the trip from there.
  • you will have a ride of one hour and 30 mins and sometimes 2 hours it depends on the speed of the group.
  • you will be accompanied with a guide in the forest and the sand dunes to show you the place.
  • then after one-hour driving you will have a tea mint break to rest your hands from driving.
  • then you will do the way back to the garage.
  • By 12h00 you will be dropped in the hotel if you have chosen morning Departure.
  • By 5h30 PM drop off if you have chosen afternoon departure.


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