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Camel Ride in Agadir


Agadir Camel ride Experience is a daily activity of two hours riding along the beach.
where you are going to discover the other side of Agadir on the back of the camel.
The appointment is open, but the most recommended time is sunset.
to enjoy the Activity and to take some beautiful pictures for the sunset.
The appointment starts at the reception of your hotel.
we will come to pick you up by our transport that is included, and we will drop you off once you finish your activity.
The experience is adoptable for kids, families, couples and a group of friends.
Enjoy the Camel Ride around the ranch and along the banana beach, where you will admire the amazing views of the Atlantic ocean.
Make a unique journey through Agadir’s Banana Beach on camel back.
Feel the sway of these gentle animals, accompanied by an experienced guide, as you venture through the Banana Beach.
The activity is available any time of the day, sunset pass is the most recommended ride.

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